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Be Your Own Master

Many individuals today want to start their own business and become their own master. Business entrepreneurs are usually highly respected. They are looked upon as both formal and informal leaders of society in most cultures throughout the world. It is better to be the head rather than the tail in the economic, social and cultural development process of the society. A business owner’s income does not come as wage or salary, but by profit only. A private business owner is his or her own master and takes no orders or commands from anyone. The course focuses on the general philosophy of startup of own business and provides increased knowledge about the startup process leading to establishing own business. The course focuses on actively develop leadership skills that promote the understanding of an innovative process.


Course Content: Start your own business, production function, innovation areas, development strategies, profits, the way to wealth, income and savings, capital and labor, plan your process, perspectives.
Methods: Lectures, talks/discussions, group and individual work. A high degree of participant activity where participants use examples from their own experiences. The course emphasizes both theory and practice.
Material: Lectures supported by PowerPoint, course compendium, auxiliary questions.
Scope: Three lessons each three academic hours.
Practicum: Course is followed by an individual practicum of two to three months, leading to the establishment of own business or preparatory work for startup.
Continuation: An additional two lessons will be offered after successful practicum.
Participants: Family background like coming from an entrepreneurial family, wanting to start own business, not looking for jobs as a wage earner, possess time and effort to start a business, thinking and planning for a long time activity.
Qualifications: Certificate and Certificate Ceremony. For grades and credits, please confer your local university. BSc, MSc, and PhD levels.
Places: Oslo and International.
Fees: Price on request.
Course Code: OM-01-A
Inquiry: HPlease contact Fil. Dr. Jan-U. Sandal Institute.