Summit Fund in Social Entrepreneurship

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The intention of the Summit Fund is to contribute free stipends to applicants who are qualified or who desire to qualify themselves in the skills with the aim that they on an individual basis should realize the vision of the Summit Fund. Fundraising Conference is the yearly gathering of dedicated donors. Invited guests have a great engagement dedicated to contribute through change work and social development. At Fundraising Conference donors, social entrepreneurs and grant applicants have a unique opportunity to meet and exchange experiences. The intention of the Summit Fund is furthermore to inspire the professional branches to increased achievements with special emphasis on promoting social entrepreneurship as a function for social change based on innovative solutions. The Summit Fund grants entrepreneurial and travel grants. It does not grant economic funding to cover basic living expenses for the applicants, business start-up or deficit in business. Approval of grants are based on specific criteria.


Method: The project/process shall be based on scientific method and independent thinking and work.
Content: The project/process shall show specialization in social entrepreneurship, contribute to promote the understanding of innovation as a function for societal change and be part of the scholarly development of the candidate.  
Report: Summit Fund Fellows are obliged to deliver a written scientific report.
Presentation: Summit Fund Fellows are invited to present their projects/processes at a Summit.
Participants: Qualified applicants or individuals who wish to qualify themselves in the skills and situated in Norway.
Stipends: Entrepreneurial stipend, travel stipends.

Course Code:


ES-01-A, Entrepreneurial stipend.
RS-01-A, Travel stipend, Norway.
RS-02-A, Travel stipend, the Northern countries except Norway.
RS-03-A, Travel stipend, Europe except the Northern countries.
RS-04-A, Travel stipend, the world except Europe.

Inquiry and Application form: Please contact Fil. Dr. Jan-U. Sandal Institute.