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Kateryna Naumik-Gladka has published a monograph review in ACCESS Journal: Access to Science, Business, Innovation in Digital Economy 

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Monograph author: Jan-Urban Sandal
Publisher: Sandal Institute. Country: Norway. Language: English. Pages: 141. Illustrated
ISBN 978-82-93329-08-4Printed ISBN 978-82-93329-09-1E-book

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"It is an honor to review the book “Books & Library International Searching of the World’s Libraries”. This is one of the books that should be voted as a must-read for citizens of our planet. It is a kind of surprising and unpredictable books that I advise to get acquainted with. I cannot express what I expected it to be – maybe more like a guide thing but it turned out quite different. The book is a real story of cultural and historical significance and is a short journal from the time when its writer went travelling to the different countries in pursuit of invaluable things – people, books, knowledge.

The main idea of the book is to reveal what we can find of English language literature on innovations, entrepreneurship and social entrepreneurship in the world’s libraries. This is not really a book about libraries, though information about different great libraries in many countries obviously do come into it. It is really about people, social responsibility, and our future. About conditions of growing up in the new generation; about our heritage and development; about being thrown into an amazing world of signs and senses. Libraries are the same wealth and riches of our world as gold, oil, water. I just have to say it-- Books & Library International Searching the World’s Libraries is an inspiration to realize it.

I know we present what we want the world to see, but I truly do think it is genuine. I think the author is someone who really cares about people and wants to give them better lives and opportunities through knowledge. I do not think there is anyone who would not benefit from reading this book."

June 2021


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