Vitalii Dankevych

Vitalii Dankevych

Dr.habil. in Economics, Associate professor at the Department of International Economic Relations and European Integration at Zhytomyr National Agroecological University. Vitalii is a project adviser for “Supporting Reforms in Agriculture and LandRelations in Ukraine”, World Bank (2017-2018) and “Supporting Transparent Land Governance in Ukraine”, World Bank and the EU (2018-2019). He is also a co-executor of the State Budget theme of the Department of Economic Development of the Agricultural Market of the Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine (2016). He is a participant of the project of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine “Inclusive Model of Sustainable Development of Rural Communities in the Context of the European Integration” (2017-2019).

Vitalii Dankevych is a member of the public union “Ukrainian Network of Rural Development” and a reviewer of the International Scientific Professional Economic Journal “Agricultural and Resource Economics: International Scientific E-Journal”. He has more than 8 years of teaching experience and participation in national and international scientific and research projects.

He is internship participant in European universities “European Education in the Context of Sustainable Development: Best Practices and Global Trends”, Slovakia-Poland (2019).

He has been awarded the Diploma of Social Entrepreneur School IBS in May 2019 and was a Keynote speaker at the 64th Summit Conversations on Emergent Issues in Social Entrepreneurship. He is the author of more than 90 research papers, textbooks, and methodological recommendations on topical issues of development of land relations, overconcentration of agrobusiness and development of rural economy.

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