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Iryna Tkachuk

IrynaTkachukFellowIryna Tkachuk is the Associate Professor of Finance and Credit Department at Yuriy Fedkovych Chernivtsi National University. Since 2011, she has been conducting scientific research in the field of NGOs existing. During that time, she has written more than 35 scientific articles and participated in numerous scientific conferences. In addition, she started her scientific research at Prof. Jan-U. Sandal supervision in Norway in May 2018.

Iryna Tkachuk has defended PhD theses on topic “Financial support of Ukrainian non-governmental organizations activity” in 2016. Moreover, she is working at her full doctorate thesis on topic “Finances of civil society organizations”.

She has cooperated actively with Chernivtsi Regional Council. She is one of co-authors of Strategy of Chernivtsi Region Development until 2020 and was a consultant of Chernivtsi mayor’s deputy. Iryna Tkachuk is an expert of NGO “Center for Reforms and Development”. In addition, she is the head of the local branch of the political party “Samopomich”. Thus, she has interests in political finances too.