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Honorary Research Fellow

Affiliated Honorary Research Fellow is a scientific development program of duration 160 weeks or 4 years, where participants own science processes are in focus. Completed race gives scientific competence.  


Admission: At least once as Key Note Speaker at Summit Conversation on Emerging Issues in Social Entrepreneurship, one scientific article published in an international scientific journal or equivalent, present own scientific project, approved application of admission, and admission interview.
Course content: 4 scientific articles, full text, academic published, one monograph about 150 pages based on the articles, 20 weeks (equivalent 20 lessons discipline-oriented courses with approved results), 10 weeks (equivalent 10 lessons) scientific methodology cources with approved results, 2 weeks guest lecture and 2 weeks science period at approved international university or institute affiliated Fil Dr. Jan-U. Sandal Institute Global Network, active participation at the Summits, Fellow presentation and project presentation at one Summit, delivering image and develop text to the institute website with an overview of project, publications and personal presentation.
Method: Lectures, discussions, group work, exchange, development discussions, and individual work. Honorary Research Fellows are responsible for conducting their science projects.
Duration: 160 weeks or 4 years (possibility of extension). 
Participants: Admission continuously after approval and admission interview.
Affiliation: Honorary Research Fellow har Affiliation ved Fil. Dr. Jan-U. Sandal Institute           
Competence: Completed program provides scientific expertise.
Delivery: Norway/Global.
Price: Price given on request.
Kurskode: HF-01-A
Opptakskrav: Specific admission applies for participation in this course.
Application: Enquires to Fil. Dr. Jan-U. Sandal