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The course provides increased knowledge about the innovation process, both in existing businesses and by new businesses. Management of the innovation process is an area that requires specific knowledge of the challenges and obstacles that every individual and every organization meet in the continuous process of change that characterizes the post-industrialized societies. Economic development does not go by itself, any human activities raises the waves as they cyclical fluctuations caused by and characterized by. Innovation has traditionally been an area that has had limited focus around the world. The course focuses on actively develop leadership skills that promote innovation process. The course also includes the SOCIAL ENTREPRENEUR SCHOOLS © IBS along with Study Courses in Social Entrepreneurship SE-03-A and Study Course in Service Vision Management SV-03-A.


Course content: Clarification of concepts, production processes, innovation areas, development strategies, profits, special motivators, traditional barriers to innovation, myths versus possibilities and perspectives. Innovation and entrepreneurship in historical perspective.
Methods: Lectures, talks/discussions, group and individual work. A high degree of participant activity where participants use examples from their own experience. The course emphasizes both theory and practice.
Material: Lectures supported by PowerPoint, course book, reading about 250 pages in English, course compendium.
Scope: 7 lessons each 3 hours. Written test or home/group assignment can be offered. The course can be combined with CASE STUDY 1 (CS-01-A).
Participants: Researchers, Ph.D. candidates, supervisors, lecturers, teachers, students, course participants, practitioners, business founders, social entrepreneurs, politicians, government officials, journalists, owners, CEOs and employees, in all kind of sectors and branches with interest of or connection to the issues.
Qualifications: Certificate and Certificate Ceremony. For grades and credits, please confer your local university. BSc, MSc, and PhD level.
Place: Oslo and International
Fees: Price on request.
Course Code: IM-03-A
Inquiry: Please contact Fil. Dr. Jan-U. Sandal Institute.