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This study course gives extended knowledge about the social entrepreneurial process, both in existing businesses and start-ups. The need for help and empowerment of the weak and marginalized people in society has never been more challenging. Management of the social innovation process takes specific knowledge about the challenges and obstacles, that every individual and organization confront in the daily routine of business operation and process of development that characterize the post industrialized society. This course gives perspectives on innovation and entrepreneurship as power of transformation of the society. Students develop strategies for their own processes and projects. The course focuses on developing management skills that promotes the process of innovation. This course is also a part of the Social Entrepreneur School IBS, which includes Study course in Service Vision Management SV-03-A and Study course in Innovation Management IM-03-A.


Seminar content: Terminology, production function, social innovation topics, development strategies, social value and profit, specific factors for motivation, traditional obstacles for individual contribution, myth contra possibilities and perspectives. Welfare state development. Cooperation between Government and private sectors. Visualizing of own ideas.
Methods: Lectures, conversations, group work and individual work. High degree of participant activity where the participants use their own experiences as examples. This course emphasizes both theory and practice.
Curriculum: Please confer Program SE-03-A and list of literature.
Scope: 5 lessons, each 3 academic hours over 5 weeks: 5 academic weeks full time.
Participants: Students, researchers, Ph.D. candidates, supervisors, lecturers, teachers, course participants, practitioners, business founders, social entrepreneurs, politicians, government officials, journalists, owners, CEOs and employees, in all kind of sectors and branches with interest of or connection to innovation in the social sector.
Qualifications: Certificate and Certificate Ceremony. For grades and credits, please confer your local university. BSc, MSc, and PhD level.
Work posibilities: Own business or start-up. Many apply for jobs at international help organizations, charities, governmental departments or they just want to strengthen and develop their job skills as professional employees.
Course Code: SE-03-A
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Social Entrepreneur School IBS

Tue Mar 09, 2021

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Social Entrepreneur School IBS

Tue Mar 23, 2021

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